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Not everyone needs to use this - it is a thin protective, oil-free lotion, which allows the blade to glide over any bumps or contours on the skin surface.   If you like to shave particularly speedily or feel you need a slight comfort barrier this can be helpful.


Hot water is the most effective element in a Wet Shave which is why our Pre-Shave is water soluble.  Oil and water do not mix so we avoid coating the hair with a layer of oil which can fundamentally hinder the action of the shaving cream and water which follow.


Having splashed or washed the face with hot water or held a hot flannel to the skin for a good few seconds, a small amount of The Pre-Shave applied with the finger tips to give a light coverage over the area to be shaved is all that is required to lay down a hydrating and protective slip, over which the blades can glide giving added protection around contours, skin imperfections or scars.  This water based ‘slip’ will not impede penetration to the facial hair when using water based shaving lathers, nor will any oily residue to be picked up on your shaving brush or leave your basin and your blades sticky.


As with our shaving creams this product contains no parabens, colourants, or animal products and is not tested on animals.  The pre-shave is suitable for all skin types and is unscented so it doesn’t conflict with the variety of your shaving cream.



150ml recyclable PET flip-top bottle