Hapstone Premium Diamond Stone Set
Hapstone Premium Diamond Stone Set
Hapstone Premium Diamond Stone Set

Hapstone Premium Diamond Stone Set

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Diamond bars for knife sharpening are very popular on the market — due to their characteristics, they can be used to sharpen knives made of any material, without losing their properties for a long time. As the grindstone wears out, new diamond particles are exposed. The stones is mounted on an anodized blanc- made of high-quality aviation aluminum.

That is why the stone continues to sharpen at the same speed without any loss in performance. Hapstone Premium Diamond is ideal for modern "super steels" and for the sharpening ceramic knives. These bars use a metal-organicbond, which is close to metal in terms of its wear resistance, but the bar on this bond works softer.

Benefits of Hapstone Premium Diamond stones:

  • Efficiency of work and excellent tactile response — a Diamond has a tetrahedral crystal structure, which has fewer cutting edges and sharper corners. This leads to "aggressive" operation of the diamond during finishing and further finishing. 

Hapstone Premium Diamond has a pleasant tactile response that can be compared to water stones, but the service life of Hapstone Premium Diamond stone is ten times longer and lasts for an incredibly long time.

  • Unpretentiousness — Hapstone Premium Diamond stones do not require additional care or the application of cutting fluids (coolants) before sharpening the knife, which makes them comfortable in usage and clean in the workplace.
  • Performance— Hapstone Diamonds have an excellent result which is achieved due to the concentration of 100% diamond grain. 
  • Easy to clean — you can clean the surface of the stone with Hapstone Dressing Stone (it is designed for fine cleaning of the working surface from very fine-grained stones, removal of metal chips from the intergranular space (greasing)..

There are 6 grit sizes in the set

  • Hapstone Premium Diamond 80 grit 
  • Hapstone Premium Diamond 150 grit 
  • Hapstone Premium Diamond 400 grit 
  • Hapstone Premium Diamond 800 grit 
  • Hapstone Premium Diamond 2000 grit 
  • Hapstone Premium Diamond 5000 grit 


  •     Stone size: 150x24x3mm
  •     Powder-coated blank size: 160x24x5mm
  •     Bond: metal-organic
  •     Material: diamond
  •     Concentration: 100%