Anti Friction Nano-Oil™ (15ml)

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Food Safe Non Toxic 

Anti Friction Concentrate is a fine lubrication which comes available in 8ml / 15ml Bottles. Each product comes supplied with a fine Stainless Steel Needle to enable application of the concentrated product into very tight and difficult to access locations.

The most commonly used and popular of our Concentrates, the 10 weight Armament & Industrial Lubrication has been specifically designed as a smooth flowing friction free lubrication for use in the highest quality tools and products that require the very best lubrication available.

This is the product that is well known and highly reputed by knife enthusiasts worldwide. Used by many of the world’s most prominent and talented custom folding knife manufacturers, collectors and enthusiasts, and proven to be superior to all other products on the market.

Due to it’s cleverly engineered and highly concentrated active ingredient called Nano- Bearings™ the 10 weight Anti-Friction Concentrate will provide unsurpassed lubrication and operation of tools and equipment of the highest quality.

Ideal for use with high quality Firearms including Pistols and Rifles – Expandable Batons – Folding Knives – Flashlight Threads – Game Fishing Reels – Bicycle components including Bearings – Cables –
Chains – Sprockets and Derailleurs – Motorcycle forks (will also reduce pitting of chromes) – electric motor bushings – Model Railroad components as well as common household uses such as Locks & Hinges etc.

The uses of this particular concentrate are limitless.

Smooth action is instantly noticeable & guaranteed on all Firearms & Knives after applying only a few drops to all moving parts including the sear & bullet ramp.

**Any of the 3 grades of this concentrate (5 / 10 / 85) can be mixed to achieve a viscosity of your preference*

All 3 Concentrated formulations are compatible with most existing lubricants on the market today both synthetic & mineral. The Nano-Bearings™ concentration level is such that adding a few drops to a common lubricant will dramatically improve it’s anti-friction qualities.