END PAPERS 3 1/2" X 7" 2 - Pack

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A slim profile. Perfectly simple, sturdy covers. Vintage marbled end papers. High-quality paper stock. Sewn-in-signature binding. These 68-page journals are just the place for a life-list, a collection of ideas, or the outline of that project you’ve been waiting to start. You know the one.

The “End Papers” Edition feels a bit more permanent than a simple use-and-abuse Memo Book; it’s our classic and practical take on a personal journal. They are Field Notes, however, so please, let’s not call them “fancy.”

Like many of our Quarterly Editions, this 40th design of the series started with some research into a little corner of publishing history. Paper marbling is a creative, dynamic craft that has been practiced for centuries. It has most often been used for producing singular and abstract patterns to adorn the end papers of hand-bound, hard cover books. (End papers serve as a means to attach a “block” of pages to a book’s cover.) We’ve carefully reproduced two 19th Century examples for this release.

We also located two modern-day practitioners of the craft of paper marbling to give us a demonstration of the swirly, hypnotic art form. As you might expect, we filmed that… Thanks to Sevim Surucu and Cary Suneja for sharing their expertise!


These 2-Packs feature one of each French Construction “Timber Green” and “Nightshift Blue” 100#C with debossed text and 70#T “endpapers” duplexed inside for an extra-heavy-duty cover.

The marbled papers reproduced in this edition come from the University of Washington Collection; the green book features a “Schrottel” pattern, while the blue book features an “Antique Straight” pattern.

Inside cover of the End Papers Edition

64 pages of Mohawk Via Vellum 70#T “Pure White” are Smyth-sewn in signatures, then glued into the covers, like our “Dime Novel” and “Signature” editions. Our end papers are more decorative than structural, but they give the journals a timeless, traditional look: subdued on the outside with a bit of classic personality inside.

End Papers journal spines

The body pages are ruled in “Mist Gray” on the right-hand page (“recto,” if you’ll allow us to flaunt a bit more bindery jargon) and blank on the left (“verso”) side. While useful for pretty much anything, these sturdier, more permanent books are a great personal place to catalog all the Caravaggios you have seen, the ballparks you have visited, wines you have uncorked, Wilco sets you have heard, vegetables you have harvested, or even all the Field Notes Quarterly Editions you have acquired.