CALONOX Thermal Camera.
CALONOX Thermal Camera.

CALONOX Thermal Camera.

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My first time stalking with
the Calonox thermal camera
showed me the night with
different eyes!

I have been hunting with thermal imaging technology since I got my hunting license. The optical performance and intuitive operation of the Leica Calonox thermal cameras, handheld and mounted, simply astounded me. I have seen and experienced a lot using other manufacturers’ devices, but the details delivered by the Leica Calonox range are unique. 

Outstanding image quality at a long range

Stalking at night is a real challenge for the hunter. Game hides in the forest or in the farthest reaches of the fields. With the Leica Calonox thermal cameras, hunting becomes dynamic and exciting, especially at night. The uniquely sharp, detailed, and high-contrast images (with LIO™) will positively surprise and inspire you.

Four color modes for high-contrast detail recognition
Leica Calonox

Both Calonox thermal cameras feature the four field-tested color modes Red Hot, White Hot, Black Hot, and Rainbow, which give the hunter extremely detailed and high-contrast images to accurately identify huntable game.



Elegant design & intuitive operation

The Calonox thermal cameras are designed with the challenges of hunting in mind. Mounted, as an clip-on, or hand-held, in all weather conditions. Its user-friendly and intuitive three-button menu helps the hunter to concentrate on what is most essential – ethical hunting.

Very large field of view & powerful digital zoom
Leica Calonox View

The Calonox thermal cameras View and Sight have an astonishingly large field of view: for a better overview when shooting from blinds or stalking. The Leica Calonox View features a magnification range of 2.5x to 10x, so game can be reliably spotted and identified at any time.



Connectivity – the Calonox apps

The two Calonox apps provide quick and easy support for operating the thermal cameras: The Leica Calonox View can store photos or videos of all observations and transfer them to a smartphone via WLAN. To assist with zeroing in, the Leica Calonox Sight can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth and controlled remotely in the app.