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Krytal 2500 Lumen Titanium Flashlight

4 XPL LED Emitter Panel, Best-in-class brightness

Key Specs:

  • Material: Solid titanium (Ti-6Al-4V / Grade 5)
  • Battery: High-drain unprotected 18350 - Not Included 
  • LED: XPL HI 6000K LED, XQE secondary LED
  • Max output of 2,500 lumens, best in-class lumen-to-size-ratio
  • Sapphire lens provides unbelievable high scratch resistance and durability, as well as adding long lasting value to this art piece.
  • TIR optic
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • LVP (low voltage protection) for Li-ion battery
  • Temperature control to avoid overheating problems
  • Ti clip and screws, screw spacing is also compatible with SF clips.
  • Unlimited combination of tritium vials (8 trit-slots around head, and 8 trit-slots on the tail).
  • Tritium size: 1.5*6mm (not included)
  • Dimensions: head diameter 27mm, tail diameter 25mm, length 87mm
  • Weight: 85g w/o battery (recommended batteries: Keeppower, Xtar, Efest 18350.)


  • 1-Indoor : Moon- 5%- 25%- 100%, starts at moon by default, no memory.
  • 2-Outdoor: 15%- 50%- 100% off-time memory.
  • 3-Tactical: 100%- strobe.
  • 4-Secondary LED: 25%- 100%-crazy strobe- beacon with 20% brightness background- breathing- beacon
  • Hidden group: mail LEDs, Heartbeating- crazy strobe- beacon with 10% brightness background- breathing- strobe


  • Click to turn on or off. Tap to cycle modes.
  • 1.5 seconds half pressing and hold to get into hidden group.
  • 9 or more quick taps to enter configuration mode.
  • At this time, flashlights will blink 4 times, (1234, interval, 1234, interval, 1234, finished.)
  • Half-press can select 1-4 groups.
  • Reverse battery protection, automatic temperature control.
  • Low battery reminder: below 3V, flash 3 times every 5 minutes.
  • Low power protection shutdown: Automatic shutdown below 2.7V.

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